Hot hot heat

It's hot and humid here still and likely will be for a while yet.
Last night we snuck out to see the new Spiderman movie to beat the heat.
It was good...some of the little science things were way off...but it was entertaining. I always crack up at the little scientific inaccuracies in films where they try so hard to be scientific...

Slept poorly . Woke up to both cats walking all over me trying to wake me up.
This morning had oatmeal and cherries for breakfast. Lunch is taco salad. Supper is likely BBQ something and a nap :) How I can be so tired while doing very little is frustrating. The heat can really get to you.
Oh well. It's supposed to cool off by the weekend.

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azusmom said...

Blurgh! That is waaaaaaay too hot!
Stay cool as much as possible and take care!