Surprise. Instant wonkiness.

I woke up to a really sore knee. Since I'd been up until 12:30 finishing figure and table revisions on my thesis I decided to sleep an hour until 6:30. It did me a world of good. Knee still hurts but I feel very human again and am not bone crunchingly tired like I was. I guess spin yesterday was a bad idea for a slightly sore knee. Tomorrow I will go in and do upper body and the physio leg work I was given a while back to strengthen my quads and leave the knee alone for a few days to heal.
So a bit of wisdom to all you  kiddies: DO NOT do squats without proper footwear on a carpeted surface. I had poor form on my first day back after holidays...and I'm paying for it now. Live and learn. Ow.

Had chia overnight oats for breaky with some chocolate protein stirred in...yum. It's been ages. I love it. Now I have a big mug of coffee and a lot to do so I am off. Have a great day everyone.


azusmom said...

Yowch! Hopefully the knee is feeling better soon!

MizFit said...

ahhh crapballs.
I can relate.
how are you today?!

Geosomin said...

better...still sore tho. I'm gonna give it a bit longer to make sure I don't wonk it up again and make sure I do more physio work. I had been neglecting it...I should know better.