I'm Alive. SO alive.

Ah. After a long weekend of typing typing typing (but no workout...ahem) I got up early this morning to come in and work out. I am almost (meep!) done my hypothesis data discussion on my thesis, putting me at about 3/4 done my draft of my thesis. he hee!
This morning I wanted to sweat. My hamstring is back to normal from whatever I did to it thursday, so I was ready to go hard and burn off the lazies. I found my interval timer and I got down to business. I did ZWOW 10 (through 3 times with a 17Lb dumbbell) and then the Fire it Up Bodyrock TV workout. Man...having the interval timer really makes you push yourself. I forgot how long 50 seconds is...and 10 seconds break is not long enough! :) I was sweating and panting...but it was so good. I added their bonus ab workout along with some back extensions and crunches and their weighted cool down and was done in time for a bit of stretching and a shower. I feel so alive.

This weekend was partly healthy. I made some healthy muffins from an old recipe from the artsy hippy coffee shop I used to manage/bake in when I was in university (I stole the recipe...shhh!). They have coffee and dates and red river cereal in them. So good. (and I discovered my cat LOVES dates. Who knew?) I also made my first attempt at pumpernickel bread. It was supposed to be in the bread maker but the recipe was too small and wouldn't knead right so I ended up pulling the dough out to knead by hand and baked it myself. And wow, I am hooked - the bread is so yummy. Toasted? Heavenly. I have some for lunch with some borscht. Mmmm...

Unfortunately there was also unhealthy food -we had another family gathering last night full of awful food. I felt yechy after - Chicken Parmesan with fettuccine alfredo and terrible brochette and some "salad" full of iceberg lettuce, bacon, peas and cheese and coated in sweetened mayonnaise. bleh. The only vaguely healthy part was the trifle for dessert...it had fruit in it :) I didn't overdo it at supper but I was hungry so even tho I tried to avoid the food that I mostly didn't care for I did have too much trifle. I love trifle. I'm kinda mad at myself for not being more strict. I am getting really mad period at myself not having lost back the bit ofweight I gained over the holidays and I know it's just a matter of me being disciplined. I mean, J and I nibbled chips while watching a movie on friday. And family meals on J's side are always horribly unhealthy. I know this. I need to plan accordingly...I notice when I overwork and get stressed about school I try and medicate my feelings with food. I have to keep reminding myself that food isn't the problem or the cure...it's just food. I've gained some muscle back, but I have to find a medium ground somehow without thinking about it all the time.

Today is a new day.
Oh yes.
Today I am dialing it in. Pushing the workouts. Watching my food. I will no longer sabotage myself. Just for today. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Well now that I've randomly babbled on for far too long I must be off . This song was in my head when I woke up and it's still rolling around and around...Hopefully I can pass it on to you all end get it out of there!
I hope you all had a nice weekend :)


Yum Yucky said...

Viva la workouts and healthy eating! Via la, I say!!!

azusmom said...

I am in awe.
That is all.