Ah yes. Last night I woke up about 2000 times so I didn't get the best sleep after a boring evening of entering bibliography information (I know! How do I live with all this excitement?)...but I was up and in for my spin and sculpt class. I pushed myself and did as many of the push ups in class on my toes as I could this time...40! The other 20 were on my knees. Woo! We do 4 sets of 15 and I'm really feeling stronger. My arms are not falling off by the end...just general on fireness :) I *am* smug that the big dude next to me did more girly push ups than me. He hee. Linda Hamilton baby...

This morning I pulled a me and forgot my running shoes. Yeah I know. Classy. I just wore my (horror!) outdoor fall/winter shoes for the spin bike part and then went in socks for the sculpt part. You couldn't tell under my workout pants thankfully so no one complained. Not perfect, but after crawling out of my warm bed after I'd hardly slept there was no way I was not working out. I've never forgotten my shoes before...bras and shirts and socks to change into yes, but this is new. Further proof that I really need to get in on the locker pool next year at the semester start so I can leave some things at the gym and not haul everything every day. My feet got reaaaaaly warm but it was all good :) I actually liked the sculpt part in sock feet - I felt like I had more control on my form for lunges and the like. I may actually do it again.

Yesterday I was good with food. No stupid snackery or self sabotage. Ate well. And today is a new day, with healthy food and much to do. I am happy hyper freaked out nervous scared overjoyed all at once at the thought of finishing up my thesis and going to England and Scotland. I'm wondering if that was part of me not sleeping...not sure. I've realized we have to book our train tickets soon...they keep going up in price so I don't want to end up paying a mint to hike...Booking trips makes me nervous because you have to chose and commit to times and things and I'm more of a happy wanderer and J dislikes planning of any kind, so it's up to me to get it done. I've been daydreaming of hiking along the mountain coast on the Arran Island with J...I can't wait. Hoping for decent hikey weather...I've got the end of winter funk where it's not quite warm enough to be outside yet and even if it was...no time. Must keep working.

Just keep swimming, swimming swimming... :)

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