I am tired today. I have lots to do and then must dash home early so I can meet the furnace dude who is coming next week to install our furnace. We have to pick out our furnace and he can tell us how much crap (please dear god not all of it) we have to move up from the basement. I have tonnes of work to do on the weekend and it's daunting. I feel like throwing a 2 year old tantrum -I don't wanna! :)
I did come in to workout this AM tho - workout A plus abfest plus 26 minutes HIIT biking and I'm in for the day. Last of the bento for lunch.

I was craving pie last night but instead I made a pie smoothie...which is a lot healthier, and less calories. It had pumpkin, pie spice, frozen bananas, some oats, vanilla protein powder, almond milk and some ice in it. Slightly less calories than a real piece of pie for a huge glass of yum...I really just should have had some tea, but sometimes...well...yeah. Food and I go way back. Sometimes it's a real struggle...especially when I just want to lose a few pounds...then all of a sudden it gets challenging. Boo.
Ah don't listen to me. I'm mopey.
Last night I had some computer issues but I just had no ambition to do anything. I got a bit of work done, but not as much as I'd wanted. I'm hoping after furnace dude leaves I can have a nap. Being overtired is making me grumpy and tetchy...I am feeling large and bleh and mopey too, so I think the best thing for me is to finish my breakfast of yogurt and granola and a banana, chug some coffee and just get at it.

Sooner begun sooner done.



Cuppypower said...

the lack of rest really messes with the way to eat on the following day. It happens to me every time when i could not sleep. Respect for being about to hold out on the Pie. i so would have gone to the golden arch or something and ate any kind of pie they had avaliable! hope you managed to get some decnt rest!

cuppypowers xxx

azusmom said...

That smoothie sounds AMAZING!
I also get messed up, eating-wise, if I haven't had enough rest. I'll tell myself I need more coffee, then go get a blended mocha with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, or something equally destructive. If it's REALLY bad, I'll add a scone.