This morning I had to truncate things a bit. I had some reading to finish before work that I forgot at work so I cut my workout a bit short today. I came in and did some leg and arm work and then swam 5 pool lengths before scurrying off for a shower and breaky to be in 20 minutes early and get my editing done while snarfing cottage cheese and fruit.
But all is good. It got done. I sit *sigh* waiting for someone to show up for a meeting.
doo de doo...figured I'd update while I wait...

Last night I had breakfast for supper. It was a late night, but Bob McDonald from CBC's Quirks and Quarks was on campus talking about "what if all you know is wrong?" - all about science and discoveries, how awesome the world and the universe is and how much we just don't know. I've listened to that show since I was a little girl and it was one of the things that got me interested in it was really great to hear him speak. SO when I finally did get home after working on my MSc and that talk ~9 I got to have breakfast AGAIN :) Soooo good. A few leftover wild boar sausages cut up with a bunch of egg whites leftover from when I made cupcakes, with some red onion and bell peppers and garlic. A piece of potato bread and OH!
I love breakfast :)

I must go. Can't be seen on here when my meeting actually remembers to show up. :)
Later taters...

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Scrumpy said...

I LOVE breakfast for dinner! But I hate it when I wake up the next morning and my kitchen still smells like bacon. :)