Tech support tired.
This morning, after a long night of hours of dealing with technical glitches on the software I'm using for my MSc (grrrr) I was up and in this morning to do 3 sets of my butt exercises (step ups with knee raise, one legged deadlifts and dunbell squats), a few shoulder and back reps (standing rows and deltoid lifts) and then got to plop into the lovely warm pool and do 11 laps. I love my swims.

It's finally warming up here. I heard birds this morning! 2 chickadees on either side of the path singing to each other...made me grin from ear to ear. :)

I was in to work on time with my breakfast and coffee (still haven't won anything with all my Tim's coffee...), and now it's time to harass tech support again and see what can be done. Here's hoping I can fix things and not have to redo 2 weeks of work because someone else goofed up something. It's annoying to be the one using new cutting edge software for get to discover the bugs in the system. At least 6 times since I've started my MSc I've been told by various tech help that "wow- we've never seen that happen before. How odd. I'm not sure how to fix that". Fun on a bun.
Here's to magic and a little luck.
Later taters!

LATER: HA! I fixed it myself. Take THAT ineffectual tech support!
I am so smart. I am so smart.


azusmom said...

You ROCK!!!!!!

Can I be you? Just for a few hours?

Jody - Fit at 53 said...

I am so NOT computer literate BUT I don't try to do anything! :-) My hubby can do the stuff on our home computer, thank goodness! That is his field!

Scrumpy said...

If you want something done right, do it yourself!

We had some lovely sun here this morning. Spring is around the corner.