Solitary workouts are my thing I think

I'm glad I work with cool people. There are a few people on my floor who go to the campus gym at the same time I do. We smile and say hi...but that's it. And I have found that I like it that way. When I work out I zone out. It's my time to be alone in my head and sweat and push myself. Often I'm planning my day, working through projects or venting off steam. With others around I get self conscious and I don't like to talk to people when I work out other than the odd smile or hello. I don't workout as hard if I'm talking. Plus...well it's just kinda weird. I'm there to sweat...
If I take a *class* that's another thing - that's a social time. Spin class or bellydance I like the interaction. Weights and sweat times? Not so much.

Quick workout log on my way to the lab -This morning I came in for 35 minutes on the arc trainer on intervals and then my abtastic fest. I feel fantastic and I'm off. Gotta run!


Sagan said…
I feel much the same way - working out is a good alone time!
Charlotte said…
Well you know me - I need to workout with people:) But the cool thing is that there are so many options that whether you prefer to wo alone or in a group you can always get a good sweat!

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