Winter is here with bells on.

This morning I was a bit stiff in my butt and knees from yesterdays super sonic sweatfest, so I took it a bit slower. I need to keep from getting carried away and hurt I did 10 minutes on the treadmill and 20 on the bike, and then all my ab stuff, as it's "ab day". After a healthy breakfast I'm good to go.
I baked a bunch of pumpkin cookies and eggnog cookies last night to send with Dad out to my sister and home with my friend Magnus today...and there's a few left for us. Yum.
It's a snowy day. We had frozen rain and then a tonne of snow and wind last night. This morning, being out the door at the stupid hour I am, I'm usually making the first tracks to the bus next to the jackrabbits that live in our area. No one has shovelled by then so it's always an adventure. Some of the drifts on the way to the bus came up to my knees.

It's officially winter :)


Sagan said...

Eggnog cookies? I'm intrigued!

Brr to the freezing rain. Although I do like it when it snows, since that USUALLY means that it's LESS cold :) It's when there are blue skies that I don't like going outside in winter!

Geosomin said...

They are so good.
There's a recipe for them on my food blog if you get too curious :)