Incentive tricks

Because life has been a bit...different since Christmas time, I'm playing catch up on my MSc project. And I gotta admit - renoing my kitchen sucked away all my free time in the first half of february too.
I was just given the dates for my first committee report meeting and the 30 minute talk I have to give on my project the week after, so it is a 5 week countdown to play catchup. I need to be on the ball with this. I can't fail - there's too much tied up in it, and this project will really show my higher up bigwig bosses what I am made of (or not). My future here at work will be hugely impacted if I can pull this out of my butt and impress them by keeping up with everything. AND I'm not using my Mum as an excuse any more than it really is. To me that is disrespectful...
After a small wig out and hyperventilation session I am ready (meep). My sh*t is in a pile and I'm getting ready to time applied, weekends here in the lab for the next 6 weeks or so. I could whinge about it, and (who am I kidding) I probably will, but I signed up for this. I knew it would come to this off and on even before Mum got ill...and I think I am ready to stand up and have at it..
My cold is reduced to the smallest of sniffles and my knee feels AOK, so as incentives for working hard I had a brilliant idea.

Part of the "perks" of being a grad student is free access to the kinesiology centre, pool and workout gyms with my student card. It's a new building full of all the fitness stuff you could ever want. Well I went and got my smiling photo on my student card and I am all set to use it. Since I (*sigh*) will have to be in most saturdays and sundays from now until at least (*sigh*) mid-April to try and catch up on everything, I am going to reward myself for each hard day of weekend work here with a trip to the university gym. It's on the bus route home, and I do believe there are cardio/yoga classes I can attend so woot. I'm getting the class schedule this afternoon, and by god, I'm going to reward myself with health for all my hard work. Getting up early to workout again and staying late and weekends to do this project will be trying...I like my husband and want to see him. I have a kitchen to reassemble and put back together, and I also like to sleep.
I plan to give myself these little workout fitness rewards to keep me going.
I may be in here less coherently over the next while, but never fear. I'm here.
I'm just time warped to the max :)

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