I just discovered the big deal of podcasts yesterday. I assumed they were lame. Honestly, sometimes I do myself a great disservice with my snobbery of all things new and modern. Seriously - these things are exactly what I think the internet *should* be used for.

Holy crap.
I mean, all these live DJ mixes of music just sitting there for lectures...

My brother lent me his old iPod nano now that he has a new one. My old ancient iPod won't do podcasts so I hadn't looked at them as I couldn't listen to them anyways...and I must say - I'm so impressed at what I now can bring with me to work to fill the hours in the lab.

Today will be full of new fresh DJ mixes of electronic music, happily bobbing my head in the lab.

Me hee...
I'm all up ins.


Charlotte said…
Hmm... you may have just made me rethink my stance on podcasts. I usually avoid them like the plague. (Except for Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. I love that show!!)

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