Long day...

No workout today.
I just don't want to. My stomach finally feels back to normal and I had a rather stressful evening last night, so I'm just relaxing. My mum was flown to the hospital here in town yesterday from the small town one she was at neat the cabin, as her lungs and breathing were not picking up. Now, she is getting great care...her lungs are full of fluid and her heart is weak...but the cardiologists here are the best in the province. It has been nice to go and visit her and I'm glad to know she is here...I'm hoping to go see her today and I am hoping that the people here will be able to do more for her...
Dad just arrived...later taters...gotta go :)


Marste said…
Keeping you all in my prayers.
So glad to hear your mother is getting really good care! Hope she's feeling better soon!

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