Day 21: Note to self

This morning after 3 days of scrumptious meals (there was coq au van, people!) I got up this Am and went to workout. I learned a valuable lesson though. I usually workout on an empty stomach...this Am I had a glass of cranberry juice first. BAD idea. In the ball DVD I do pushups to the point of exhaustion and then you hop on the ball on your stomach to do back exercises...and YUK. I made myself quite ill. So I know. No food or drink until after I workout. Especially when I'm going to be ON my stomach...maybe it was the rich meal last night too on top of it all. Either way, not the best idea I've ever had.

I feel a bit better now with some toast and coffee in me, but I am still a bit off. Part of it might be form all the feasting the past few days. I didn't overeat to the point of feeling bad, but it's been a lot of rich foods...on Christmas Eve it was stuffed chicken, on Christmas J and I had my famous tofu Parmesan, and boxing day was turkey supper and lots of wine at the inlaws...and then last night a friend and I made coq au van together (with a real capon). Yum. But all far more rich and such than I'm used to. I'm looking forward to normal foods again. I didn't do too badly as far as over indulging, but I know myself...I just can't eat what I used to (which is a good thing) and I've learned when to stop or I feel gross. I weighed myself and I am 132, so I've not really changed with all the crazy eating, so I'm pretty happy.

My Dad called this Am and ny Mum is back in the hospital overnight, as they need to adjust her water to that. Poor Dad sounded so worried. He's all by himself, and I wish I could be closer for him, just for him to not have to be worrying by himself. Hopefully she'll be out right away. They'll have to cut their New Years plans short, which is a shame, but they'll pack up and head home from the lake to be sure Mum's condition stays level before they come up here to visit in mid-January. I hope she'll be OK. I know it's very discouraging for her...

Now that I'm coffeed and toasted, I plan on sewing for myself today - a nice choli for bellydance. I finished up all my sewn gifts just in time for giving and they were muchly appreciated. They all turned out really well...I was very pleased. Now some sewing for *me* :)
Have a good day all...

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Tom Bailey said...

Sometimes it can be the leftover blahs from holiday meals the day or even two days before (for me at least). I drink juice but I drink about 6 parts water for every part juice and never have a problem I found some juices were just way too sweet and sugary.

I hope you have a great upcoming new year.

Kindest regards,

Tom Bailey