Day 19: I'm too sexy for my pants...

Too sexy for my pants!
(Damn, what rhymes with pants....?)

I feel fantasticulastical...ish. I went to bed early last night cuz I was tired and got up bright eyed and worked out this morning. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, with the first 25 of 40 minutes on resistance 2, with 4 minutes of cooldown. 500 calories. Add in some oatmeal and bananas and I'm ready to go. It's going to be a long fun day today so I wanted to be awake. And, an unexpected christmas gift to myself was that last year I bough some tight "skinny pants" as a goal. And guess what? I'm wearing them right now. Yup. They fit great - not tight at all and I feel FINE...bwa ha hah!

Tonight after work it's Kline Yule at my brothers - ebelskivers and mulled wine and little sausages for supper (his wife is danish), exchanging gifts and then J and I are off to see a play - Little Women. And THEN after that (bwahah) a great night of funky dance music at the local pub - Dekoze and Shakrakhan (some great DJs who've moved on to bigger and better cities) are home for the holidays and will be spinning music till late. It'll be a long great day to ring in the holidays good and fully... I just have to get through work today.
Tomorrow I will limp through the day at work, happily exhausted, and I'll be done at 3PM and then I'm off work for 10 days. That's right 10 days.
Aaahhh. I'm looking forward to the nice holiday break before the MSc working madness begins.
So I gotta be good and finish up so I can get to it :)
Have a great day K?

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justjuliebean said...

I found you from an old comment about resiliency on crankyfitness. You said "the way I feel is the reward I need...and to get it I have to work out." I started working out solely for weight loss, then started to like how limber and strong I was getting, and while I still like those things, I do it for the high. Of course, it's not really high like drinking or drugs, but mood effects that keep away depression, etc. It feels chemical, sometimes I even feel the bad mood burning off. Anyway, good point.

As for skinny pants, isn't that the greatest thing? I have a bag of clothes that were too tight, they likely fit now, as everything else I'm wearing is getting big.

Happy Holidays!