Cabbage Rolls 1, Geo 0

I may have undone my entire few weeks of work in one meal.
But what a meal :)
Early christmas at J's Grandma's...cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmm.
Actually it wasn't that bad, but I'll be glad to work out tomorrow. It's been too many days since I've worked out last. I put on my dress pants today for lunch and they were baggy. I haven't worn them since last year around this time. Exciting...! I really like those pants, but I can find a new pair I like as much :)
My parents are back home and I've caught up on just hanging out with my J and sewing up some christmas gifts. Almost done...Family stuff on the 23rd and then we're free until boxing day. The 2 of us can spend Christmas together...I can't wait.

We finished up our odd bit of holiday shopping on saturday. This year people seem particularly rushed and grumpy. Granted my J is a bit of a humbug, so I'm usually too christmasy the other way round to compensate, but the manic rush was very palpable today. I was glad we only had a bit of stuff to was very disconcerting. It's supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. That was NOT the vibe I got today, that's for sure... Thankfully there wasn't too much to do out in the greater craziness...mostly homemade gifts this year. I prefer it that way.

Right now I'm feeling pretty damn grateful for what I have.

G'night all!

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