Sans pants

I can tell when I'm tired, as usually I start adding the phrase "in my pants" (usually just in my head) to things I'm saying throughout the day.
Try it. It's great. I dare you not to smile after you've tried it a few times...

I've got pants on the brain after something completely unrelated on TV last night. I don't watch a lot of TV, but during little breaks from cleaning the (whole damn) house for impending company I tried to skoosh in watching a bit of my guilty TV pleasures - cake decorating shows and fashion "what not to wear" sorts of shows. Last night the TV gods were kind enough to combine both fashion AND cakes together into one little package - it was a contest to design a cake for the opening of the fall line of a Toronto fashion line (nice clothes...already forgot the designer sorry). Wacky fashion cakes. Only 8 hours to make them. 4 different cakes. Whenever I popped in the TV area I could listen a bit & watch the cakes come together (those chefs make some crazy looking cakes you know). Cool.
As I turned off the TV I remembered my Grandma's first a fashion tip ever offered to me: "to avoid overaccessorizing take a look at yourself before you leave and take off one item. A real lady is understated and elegant and not overdone and tacky".
Then I giggled off and on for the next half an hour.
If you know me you know I'm a (mostly) reformed tomboy. Yes, I do actually make an effort on my appearance (most) days, but accessorising is usually not a big thing for me. I honestly don't really get to that point unless it's a special occasion or I feel overly girly for some reason. Hell, I'm contented if all my clothes are on and they match. If I stopped and took off one thing before I left the house, it's likely I'd likely arrive at my destination without any pants.

Noone wants to see that...


Scrumpy said…
Your grandma must have been a Chanel fan, wise lady.

I LOVE cake decorating shows. Do you get Cake Boss? I'm guessing you do since it is on TLC.

I think a scarf goes a huge way towards really looking pulled together with minimal effort. I wear one almost every day.
Geosomin said…
I agree on the scarf thing. It's one of the few accessories I do go for.

LOVE Cake Boss :)
Tom Bailey said…
Without pants... LOL... that was hillarious.
Marste said…
A real lady is understated and elegant and not overdone and tacky

Yeah. Now I'm cracking up at work! I hope my boss doesn't ask why . . .

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