I heart sammiches

I admit, today I've got nothing fitness wise. Not a thing. Sorry. I'm just so happy to be healthy I gave myself a final night of delicious sleep and healthy breakfast and here I am, right back in life again. Cool huh? Nothing makes you feel good about being normal more than getting over being very sick. I'd almost recommend it for a kick in the arse perspective wise...if it weren't for the whole having to be sick part.

What can I tell ya? Well...did you know that tomorrow is National Sandwich Day?
Why? Who knows!
Who cares? I do!
I LOVE sammiches. Plain. Toasted. All good.
I was raised a soup and sammich for lunch while watching the Flintstones with strawberry jello for dessert kinda gal all through my childhood and teens. Mmmm...real sandwiches with soft yummy bread and lots of lettuce...and no not thin bland wraps. I know they're lower in carbs but they're also lower in yum and flavour and there's just no bread. I'll eat one to be healthy...but I hae to say - nothing beats soft yummy bread. (My husband like wraps better than sandwiches-Heathen)
Having just acquired a bread maker, I'm loving the potential of eternal sandwiches in my home. Yum. And this morning I stumbled across the amusing fact that tomorrow is National Sandwich Day. I have no idea why, but I'm in! :)

And so I want to know: What is your favourite sandwich? Do you even like sandwiches? What topping are a must? What is the weirdest sandwich you've ever had?
Inquiring minds want to know...


Scrumpy said...

Oh I LOVE sandwiches. Lately, the Reuben down at Hackney's has been my favorite. I think really good bread is my must for a good sandwich. Mayo is a must for me and good fresh tomatoes. Oh, put it between two pieces of bread and I will eat it. (And sometimes a few crunchy potato chips on it doesn't hurt either.)

Tom Bailey said...

Wierdest one? I would have to say... two of these when I was a kid.. 1- was the pb and cheeze.. yes that is right peanut butter and cheeze... 2- peanut butter and beans...

Both of those were terrible... I think my grandmother read them in a vegetarian book or something.

Very interesting as always.

Crabby McSlacker said...

So glad you're feeling better!!!

Favorite sandwich is probably a grilled cheese--the decadent, buttery kind. Most frequent: peanut butter and banana. But for some reason I don't eat nearly as many sammiches as I used to. More likely to eat leftovers from the previous night's dinner.