Day one - Exerball

Well I did it :)
this morning I got up and did my Exercise ball DVD workout. It was tough doing the pushup section of are supposed to fatigue your muscles. I sure did! My shoulders are definitely less strong than they used to be. It felt good to work out again though...I love that slight burn feeling when you push yourself a bit. Tomorrow is cardio. :) I have decided I am only going to weigh myself every week on monday morning. I am also trying to drink 8 full glasses of water every day. So far this has resulted in me getting up a zillion times in the night, but I will try to better time out my water I'm assuming my body will adjust in a's hoping! I feel like I'm spending half my day in the bathroom :)

I had a good breakfast (my current breakfast obsession is oatmeal with blueberries and a dash of milk) and I'm now at work, psyching myself up for a meeting with my 2 (likely) project co-supervisors. With any luck it will go well, and all my paperwork will be submitted by the end of the week.
Then I will do the funky dance, because I can finally relax and let the upper admin people do what they do and know my application is completed. There is a possibility of my tuition being funded for part of this too. I am so blessed. I just want to hear the official go ahead so I can celebrate properly :)

Later: Meeting went well. I'm in the home stretch. I have two really helpful but really picky supervisors. They will push me to be my best. I'm glad. :)

I must be off - meetings and then a whole day of (yawn) data entry awaits.
Cheerio my good peeps.

Have a fantastic day!

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