And so it begins...

Wow...17 bags of leaves and 2 days later, I finished the yard. I then went and soaked in the local pool hot tub for a while...I'm glad I did. I'm super stiff and I bet I'd have been completely seized up if I hadn't. It was so nice, and I'm glad the yard is ready for winter for another year.
I stepped on the scale today and I am 134. So, I'm using that as a start point. I'm going to try to be down to 130 by New Year's Day. Given my creaky status I didn't work out today, but tomorrow it will be up and at them. I already feel less creaky and I'm sure by tomorrow morning I will be good to go...I was having trouble putting lids on containers last night I was so stiff...heh. I figured I'd better give myself a break after all the crazy raking. I spent the weekend catching up on lots of home stuff, and feel rather sane again...sometimes you just need to be home for a bit, you know?
After the Santa Claus parade yesterday I really feel like the holidays are here. I spent the day with family having a belated birthday dinner and it was nice, going to peek at J's brother's family's new house that's being built. I'm very excited for them. Plus, our provincial team won the western football finals yesterday so they'll be in the Grey Cup this year. I swear the whole province is nuts and coated in the team colours. I confess I don't follow football, but even I will likely get sucked into watching Grey Cup this year with the Roughriders in it. Rider pride is contagious...even I, an avid sports ignorer, am being dragged into it :)
Must be off...lots to do. Have a good day :)


Scrumpy said…
What a great goal! And I didn't realize we are just about in the same exact place on our weight loss journey. I'm going to imagine you being my Canadian weight-loss partner. :)
Charlotte said…
Good luck with your goal! Can I join in too? I need a weight-loss buddy & I do hear Canada is nice;) And 17 bags of leaves?! Egads.
Geosomin said…
Sure. Jump on in!

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