Day 3: Exerball

Well, again, up and at them at 5:15 and did my exercise ball workout. I was still a bit stiff, and again the push ups were hard, but I did it. My stomach muscles were very fatigued by the end. I'm sure I'll feel them tomorrow...and I think I'm getting used to the drinking more water thing after nearly a week. I'm not going the the bathroom 8 thousand times a day anymore - that was getting annoying. I am thirsty much more...even though I am easily drinking 8 glasses of water in a day. Makes me wonder how thirsty I was before...and maybe how much my thirst was making me hungry...I used to just drink other liquids, mostly coffee. Now they are on *top* of the water. Hopefully I can keep this up...

Last night I did some more organizing near the "workout" space in the basement and it's reached my level of OK now. Seeing as it's J's space, I've almost moved all the books upstairs that I can and the rest of the stuff is all his gear, so it is up to him to organise and move around to his liking. Otherwise he won't be able to find anything. It doesn't look like the bookshelf and desk vomited all over the room anymore...that's all *I* care about! I didn't realise how much it bugged me until it was cleaned up.
I also made a thought link up this morning...getting up at 5:15 means I can throw in a load of laundry and it's done by the time I'm done my workout and hopping in the if I get behind on laundry, I *can* actually adjust to keep on top of it. I did laundry this AM and it times out rather nice and doesn't add more than 3 minutes to my morning. Good to know. I may be able to keep it together during grad studies. The anticipation is kinda freaking me out, so anything I can do to help keep up sure puts my mind at ease...
To me it's just wrong to be excited about new a way to do laundry...maybe I'm turning into my Mum.


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