September taught me something

I'm beginning to thiknk there is something to this breakfast/time for yourself business.
All month (well OK 95% of it) I've made a point of getting up 10 minutes earlier and having a yummy hot breakfast (usually oatmeal and fruit) and taking a few minutes for myself to just sit, relax and pet my cat.
And wouldn't you know it? I feel great. Last year when I volunteered for the pledge drive at night and worked all day...well, I was stressed to the max and exhausted. This year I feel way better. According to J I still am stressed out at the pledge drive (he rarely sees me stressed and doesn't like it). But, to me...I feel better. I'm learning to let out my stress and take time for myself and not keep it all in. I'm learning to delegate.
Cuz I'm worth it :)
There's a lesson for me in here somewhere...:)

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Scrumpy said...

What a wonderful lesson to learn!