Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy times at Casa Geo

So yeah...um...I'm rediculously busy. I've been volunteering evenings and weekends, and it'll soon be over, but man. How the sume doth get sucked into a whirling vortex...
I long for bellydance classes and regular workouts and a more level pace.


I just have to survive until after the Breast Cancer Run on Sunday and then I'm done...I have embarrasingly few pledges this year. I'm trying to drum up a few...I don't think I'll do as well as in the past though. I have to actually see another human being to solicit a pledge from them, so it's not going so well...:(


Scrumpy said...

Anyone can give money. It takes a special person to give so generously of her time.

Miz said...


I was trotting on over to the comments to say BUT YOU ARE RUNNING!!

thats more than so so many of us.