Whoosh! I'm back!

Sooooo..I'm back.
Didja miss me?
Say you did :)

I was off in beautiful British Columbia near the mountains by Nelson, camping.
Ubercamping really...some friends rented a super hugeass RV and let us tag along...it was fun on a bun. I'm spoiled for regular camping now-we had our own bathroom...and a fridge and stove...and a shower. Awha? So decadent :) Add to that mountain streams, hiking and lots of great times with friends. It was fabulous. While there we stopped in at a music festival and danced our pants off and even stopped in at an orchard for a bunch of fruit on the way back home. Popped in for the afternoon at Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, an international heritage site (very interesting) on the way home. Oh yes - fun AND educational we are! :) I'd post some pictures but some asshat stole my camera bag...ah well...c'est la vie. I had such a great time I dont' mind too much. It was 7 years old and starting to malfunction, so now I have an excuse to get a new one :)

I'm back here stepping into normal life again...and I want more time off!
I've planned to paint the trim on my house this fall so, of course it's been raining non-stop. Hopefully that will get done. I actually have been able to scrape a few of the sills so they look horrid, so I have to finish them up at least. We'll see...

As for me, well my knee is still a bit odd. It doesn't hurt, but it does have "that" feeling like something isn't quite right. So I'm taking it easy...I've been going for lots of walks and am riding my bike to work.
I'm going to sign up for fall community classes this week - back to bellydancing ! YAY! One of my instructors is moving, so it will just be my tribal teacher, but that is OK..I"ll miss her. Hopefully someone will take up her classes, as it's nice to learn different styles. Plus my sis in law has been pumped to take classes with me and I'd hate for her to be disappointed - it's been good to see her be a bit more active... My tribal teacher has recommended me to a dance troupe in town for more advanced classes so I'm pumped about that - it is more expensive BUT the lessons are longer and more detailed and I'll get to learn how to use my sword! Finally :)

There is also a Fitness Boot Camp class on tuesdays I think I will sign up for...it sounds like fun. Fitness bootcamp is an idea that has always intrigued me. I can push myself and work hard with someone egging me on. I like to workout in groups...it's an all fitness levels group so I can't be out of place. I think it could be fun. It's only $30 as it is thru the community association so I'm going to give it a go if there are any spots in it...sounds like a fun time :)

Hope you've all been having a great summer. I know I have :)

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HaleyBird said...

Welcome back!

God, your vacation sounds awesome... I need a good dose of the outdoors soon. :)