Power suit

Well...after my yearly physical I had a few minutes before the bus back to work at the mall where the bus terminal is, so I popped in Zellers, and they had all their swimwear on sale half off. Cool. SO I snooped a bit, as my current suit broke last summer and the only one left I don't like - it's my emergency backup suit for a reason.

Soo...I found a burgundy 2 piece I like. It had a skirty bottom and regular bottom...but I couldn't decide and the skirty one felt wierd (albeit looked fine) so I got the regular one, but I might go back and get the other one...you just can't return swimwear, so I just went with what I liked. I had a feeling J might not like it either as he's made frowny faces at skirty bottoms int he past. Plus I have this stupid barrier in my head to skirty bottom suits - like they mean I'm fat. And really the rmain problem I have with 2 pieces is that they sometimes aren't super flattering at the waist. Everything else is OK. I'll never have a perfect ass, I've accepted that, and I like bikini tops...so I'm never totally happy with how bikini bottoms fit. As for the bottoms on this one, it is OK though. Not blech not yay -the colour is good and the tops looks smoking hot...I think I'll feel better out and about with a new bathing suit. Definitely.
And honestly, with a critical eye in the change room I must admit...I don't look THAT bad...just a bit more jiggly. Being reassured by the official doctor scale that in the doctor's office I weigh the same as last year helped a bit....

And it was $22. How sweet is that? :)

I'm feeling a bit better as my Doc says I'm in great health and look fine. She gave me some exercises I can do for my leg and suggested I start at some waist and upper body stuff and that I can go back to walking lots in another week ro so. Already the twingy pains are minimal. So...it's getting better. Yay!


You found a bathing suit that was reasonably priced, not hideous looking, and actually fits???!!!

You are the envy of women everywhere.

Glad the injury is healing... as much as I complain about exercising, I'm like you, it totally drives me crazy if I can't do it.
Geosomin said…
Heh...turns out J wanted to veto the bottoms as he thinks they are baggy and I'm "too good for them" :) Sweet man. So I have a cool bikini top at any rate...right now I"m so glad to be going on holidays in a day that I'd wear a bag on the beach and be content :)
IF I have time I'll track down some better fitting bottoms before I go...
Haley said…
Hey Geo,

I couldn't remember if I letcha know that I shut down my blog (it says it's private, but really it's just dead). I had a wee bit of a privacy freakout -- nothing scary or anything -- but I've decided to beg off on the blogging for awhile. Maybe I'll start up again in the future... ya never know... :)
Geosomin said…
Thanks for letting me know :) I was wondering what haooened to you...hope you still pop by once in a while :)

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