All sitting and no running make Geo something something

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You know that awesome feeling you get after a workout?
I miss that.
I'm really fighting being bummed that I can't really exercise until my knee is better.
I know I'm pretty much the same, but I just feel flabby and blechy...the opposite of hot and fit.

I think I need to do something, even if it's upper body stuff and some situps, because this is really bumming me out. Next week I'll be away for a few days camping and will be putting on a bathing suit, or at least bikini top and shorts...yeah. Not really into that at the moment. This has me not wanting to, even tho I'm sure it'll be fine, just not as kickass super awesome as I was last year, when I was in the best shape of my life (sigh). I'm sure noone will run away screaming! My lovely J still says I'm hotcakes...but he's biased :)

Ah well...What can you do right? It's the long haul...that's what I keep telling myself. In a few weeks I can go walking again in the mornings. Now that company is gone there is no beer left so I won't be tempted to drink empty beer calories...and I made myself a superyummy salad with tuna for lunch - I figure I can still eat well if I can't work out. That's something.


Scrumpy said...

Is there anywhere you could swim? Would that be okay for your knee?

Geosomin said...

Good idea.
I've been looking into it. It's $6 for a drop in swim at the rec centre near my house, so I might try and get in a lane swim if I can fit it in over the weekend just to perk myself up a bit...