Noodles and jiggles

I had fun last night wandering about the foreign food section in the local huge stupidstore/groceromat...I rarely go as it's big and crowded, but every once in a while I go to get odd things I can't get anywhere else, like coconut jelly, mini babybell cheeses, obscure oriental and indian cooking ingredients and teas...yum.
I'm on a try new foods kick again. Last night I had some bean sprouts left, so I cooked up some soba noodles and diced up some cucumbers and red pepper, celery and shallots and then added some blanched carrots and some cooked diced chicken and a bit of lettuce, and made a soya/rice vinegar lime spicy was this delicious fresh crisp cold noodle salad...Wow. J raved about it's definitely going in my recipe book. I"ll post it on my food blog when I get some time. There's even leftovers for lunch too. Yum. It inspired me to go see what other things I could find at the foody store...mmm...

This morning I got up and did the second drill set on my bellydance/yoga DVD. Fun stuff. I watched one of the solo performances while I had some cereal for breakfast - very inspiring.
I'm quite excited about seeing what there are for training DVDs and costume/props to buy in Toronto and Ottawa when we're there in May for holidays...I really want to learn to dance with a sword...:) I am just hooked on how the bellydancing movements feel...and I can't say that J isn't grinning madly about my new lithe movements either :)

Must run...lots to do today.


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