lazy weekend.

It's funny...yesterday I was jsut lazy lazy lazy...ended up sleeping in and then having a huge nap in the sun in the afternoon (lovely). Friday night we went out dancing and shook our stuff till the wee wee hours, and saturday was a family meal (turkey...mmm), leaving sunday for just us. I did do some useful things sunday: we finally got around to doing our taxes (we don't owe...yay) and assembled a bookshelf for the den, made some muffins, then celebrated with a long nap, some wine and a turkey sammich...good stuff.

This morning I woke up without even blinking at 5:10...wide awake. I figured why ignore a good thing, and got up and did my dance fusion workout. The beginning was really hard for some reason...took a bit to get into the swing of it- at first I felt a bit queasy. I think it was the wine...I've always read that alcohol can affect your workouts the next day, and maybe that was it -or maybe my body was just complaining after 2 days of nothing in particular :). By the end of it though, I was sweating away and going all out, so it was OK. I just took a little pause to breathe when I needed to until I was up to speed again. The cat helped me stretch out and cool down and sat on my lap while I had breakfast, so it was all good...

Today - lots to do in the lab. I'm gearing up for a bit of time off work, so there's lots to finish up and put together so I can be gone and not worry about things. I have a meeting after work tonight too - ugh. Oh well...better get on it all. :)

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Funny, when I wake up early it never occurs to me to start my workouts any sooner!

And hope the time off work is for something fun!