Helloooo there kiddies.
It's been few days I know. Sorry a bout that.
I've been away - went to Edmonton for the weekend...to dance my ass off to some great music and visit old friends and eat cookies. I danced so much I actually made my butt cramp. It was a very weird feeling...had lots of fun though.

Since I've been home my parental units have been in town visiting us. They're staying with my brother which is a bit of a relief (no crazy "oh dear god my mom is coming" cleaning required). We had dinner together last night and will all be spending the evening together again today. It's nice to see them.

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I'm feeling good about myself today. Yessir..hotstuff in the house :)
This morning I got up all bright eyed an bushy tailed and did my stomping dance fusion workout DVD, the full cooldown and had some tasty miniwheats. Yum.
Now it's off to the lab to do some sciency wiency type stuff before I can hang with my family again. Mom's making a roast. I'm bringing the veggies. Brother's in charge of the salad...should be tasty AND healthy!.



Haley said...

A butt cramp?? Good lord, a cramp might be the only way I found my butt muscles at this point...

And that may be the best LOL animal I've ever seen.

Have fun with the fam!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I've never had a butt cramp, that sounds painful!!!

Mmm that meal sounds good btw. How can the word "roast" trigger hunger pangs first thing in the morning? Sheesh.