Monday's starting out well

Well this weekend I primed...and primed...and primed...I'm banishing the screaming yellows, reds and pinks into a mellow lime green and white. Soothing instead of assaulting. Another priming on the trim and a coat of white on the no longer waterstaines ceiling, and I can start on the actual paint. A long time coming...

This morning I did get up and put on a slow cooker of chili, so when I get home supper is ready. I might make some cornbread...we'll see. Yum.

And there was time for bowl of cereal and to do my ball DVD too. So far so good...


Mmm, chili....

Gotta get me a slow cooker, that sounds wonderful.

(And I don't know how you have the patience for all that priming! I'd probably stop too soon and end up with brown walls when I tried to paint the green before all the red was gone.)
Geosomin said…
This colour is so bright you have to prime. Period. It was so bright we have actually avoided the room (They let their 14 year old pick her pain colours...). Even my hubs who knows nothing about painting said "'ll need lots of primer huh?"
Soon it will be a of sorts. No longer the "screaming yellow madness".

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