Snack time: a distinctively average snack

While buying my current addiction last night, almond sweet & salty granola bars (Nature Valley...they're like crack...seriously people. Eat one. They are so good.) I saw these coffee flavoured granola bars and though I'd grab a box to try them.

I know I know, but I like coffee and I like granola bars and vanilla bean stuff is always good...well usually.

I had one at coffee break and man - SUGAR! They didn't taste bad, they just weren't particularly good either. Compared to the sweet and salty bars that make me drool just thinking about them, these are the definition of "meh". And WAY too much sugar for my liking. And about 40 more calories a bar than my current addiction. So back to the regular crack, er, I mean granola bars. These ones: Eat these ones. They are YUM...



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