Dates and perogies and TUMS - oh my!

In my quest for healthier nibbles I've discovered something that makes me feel like my grandma: I *LOVE* dates. I bought a container of soft, pitted dates yesterday and I can't stop nibbling on them. I've brought a little container of them mixed with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for a morning snack and I've already dipped into them...delicious!
I've always loved date cake and things with dates in them, but my Mum always bought cheap, squidgy or tough dates and so I figured (until recently) you had to cook them to make them good. While I was out on strike in November a girl I work with packed this as a snack for when she was picketing and after bugging her she told me I had to eat one or be quiet as I didn't know what I was missing...and I ate my words. And a date. And another date...
Turns out I love dates.

Unfortunately I also love saskatoon berry perogies.
Last night my friend who is staying with us (he of rich food) made a light meal of salad and apples, honey and cheese, but then made a lot of saskatoon berry perogies for dessert. We'd been out installing our new Thule roofrack and cargo carrier on our car for camping this summer (very cool) after work but it took HOURS and by the time we got home the evening was pretty much shot...and we were starving. SOooo I ate way too much. How much? Well, I couldn't get up to run this morning as my stomach felt uneasy from too much perogey. That's never happened before...and definitely won't again. I have trouble with discipline of when to stop eating. I just find that I eat very quickly and my "full" signal tends to kick in about 20 minutes after I eat. If I eat too much too quickly I'm doomed. Usually I dish out a small amount and go back after a while if I really want more (usually I don't). Portions have always been a problem - so I again have been reminded to eat less and slowly. Last night I was hungry and tired and didn't pay attention...and was reminded again of why I do that.
Why? Well, I got up to run this morning and was really queasy - too much rich and too sugary food too close to before I went to run today. It was very dissapointing, but I was actually worried I'd make myself sick if I exerted too much.
So, I am running tomorrow instead...this morning was TUMS and reading Jackie Chan's autobiography I am Jackie Chan to calm my tummy (very good book BTW). I'm not proud of myself. I'm feeling a bit better now and I just had a few dates for my breakfast snack here.

The perogies were delectable though. Homemade...with a bit of iced cream.
Oh yeah.

I'm afraid it's an uphill battle :)
I envy people who don't really think about food.
Cuz I do...


MizFit said...

I hear you.
there is nothing worse than the WALKING AND FEELING LIKE CRAP (for lack of better words).

and your last paragraph is so powerful.

M, who now is curious about the Jackie Chan book!

the Bag Lady said...

Well, if you eat enough dates, you'll crap, alright! Oh, wait, that's prunes.... :)