Victory is Mine!

Well I just got back from my run to a beery smelling house. It's foaming all over the place from the fruit I added...hope it dies down soon. I like beer but I don't want the house smelling of it.

I'm glad I did the Boogie fun run. I was a bit nervous what with no exercise for about a month, but I ran into an old friend there I hadn't seen in ages and it was her first real race. She wanted to run it and her husband and friends wanted to walk it, and was getting over a cold so we decided we'd encourage each other on and run together while the rest walked. We stuck together and ran, with only 2 few short walk breaks...WOHOO!
I can't wait to find out my chip time tomorrow. I was having such a grea time I didn't look at my watch, and the 5K people started after the 10K people, so the time on the race clock wasn't said 42 minutes, and so I came in a few minutes under that...I'm very proud, considering my lack of training. It was a lot of fun, with people of all ages there...walking or running 2, 5 or 10K. There was a goofy warm up and random things on the way (cheerleaders at one corner and bagpipes on another) to keep us motivated...and some great snacks at the end. My friend was so proud to have done it...seeing her face as she realised she'd run 2 K without stopping (never done it before) was worth it...I'm so proud of her.
A victory breakfast involving taters was had and I am quite content to be home watching my beer wondering if it will blow up...:)
I must go. Lots to do. Explosions to avert.
Ta! :)

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Scrumpy's Baker said...

Congrats on the race, it sounds like a ton of fun!