Honesty Lesson

Well today I picked up my registration pack for the 5K fun run tomorrow. I was going to do 10K before I got sick, but I think trying to get through 5 will be enough at the moment...what with no serious exercise for about a month, I'll focus on staying alive :)
My friend Karen had registered for it and I was going to just be her and save the fee, as she has other commitments, but due to a computer glitch and my inability to lie to anyone convincingly, after a series of race computer registration glitches that lost her info, I just gave in and registered myself for the 5K. I was fine with being Karen, but I had no information to get her glitches fixed, and they wouldn't let me run for her once I let on that's what I was doing and not jsut picking it up for her, so I just gave in and am now (eep) registered for tomorrow.
Of course this year the 5K people get cool timing chips too...hopefully my time isn't too horrendous.
We shall see. I'll be sure to post my time...regardless of how bad it is :)
At the moment I'm making beer...gotta go check on it.
(strawberry beer...it smells yummy..)


Scrumpy's Baker said…
I couldn't lie to save my life either! (Except maybe to myself.)

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