Cranky Cranky Cranky starts with C

I was woken up at stupid o'clock to help my husband look for something he needed for work (he leaves for work just after 5) and could not get back to sleep after. I also walked to work with a hole in my my foot is sore. And I have lots to do at work. For all these reasons, at the moment I am crank incarnate.
BUT I did do my ball DVD and walk 30 minutes briskly to work, so I got my exercise in. I had breakfast too...and I'm sure that once I get going I'll be fine. It's just a bunch of little things all in a row that have made be a bit of a cranky little thing this morning - don't come too close unless you have snacks...


Haley said…
:::throws Oreos and runs for her life:::
MizFit said…
ha ha! haley is funnier than I could ever hope to be---

Scrumpy's Baker said…
My hubby can never find anything on his own. I suppose my bizarre encyclopedic memory for exactly where everything in our house is just makes it too easy for him not to remember a damn thing.

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