Winter's last hurrah

Well I woke up to snow and wind and -21 this morning (winter's last hrrah I think) so I just did 35 minutes downstairs on the elliptical at incline 15% and resistance 3. It wasn't very much snow, so it won't interfere with things. I'll keep checking morning temperatures and as soon as it's above -10 I'll be out there...the cold air makes my asthma freak out so I have to be cautious...I've got my balaclava so I'll be set once the magic temperature comes up.
I've got the itch to run now...I ran in to my friend Grant who has been running since high school when I was out for a walk in the sunshine on saturday and he has me quite encouraged to get back out there. He runs all year long every day and I'm sure it's one of the reasons why he is such a happy level guy...a real role model for me. Knowing I feel really good this morning after a workout (and that I burned 524 calories) is good, but I'm itching to be out on the run paths again.
Crossing my fingers that tomorrow is the day ! :)

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hope the weather cooperates--nothing beats outdoor exercise--it just feels more invigorating. But good for you for doing the elliptical instead.