I'm listening to the voices...

Did my ball tape this morning...whew. What a solid muscle workout!
It was odd only using the audio (the computer is facing the wrong way so I can't see it) of the computer, but I did the workout. That is the main thing. It was odd - I forgot how much my cat like to "help" me workout....I managed to keep him out of the way and unsquished.
Now it's off to another busy workday.
Hope you all have a great day!

LATER: my butt is sore...man I'm so out of shape :)


Cara said...

Good job! My pups always try to help me work out. They think licking my face will help me burn more calories while I am laying down doing ab exercises, etc. Or by laying under me while I do squats. Haha.

IAAdmin said...

I know how it can be to have a sore butt. Squats and lunges are both my butt's best friend and worst friend, if you know what I mean................:)

Keep up the good work.