For my next magical trick...

Ugh. Because I don't have enough to be annoyed about I fell down the stairs last night (again). I am not sure how, but I did...on a 4 step stairs...and I scraped the shit out of my arm too - like 4 inch long scrape off of skin with a bit of it actually peeled up on the end for good measure. I was stunned about the whole thing. It's not serious but it looks f*cking awful. And J is worried that next time it could be much worse and is getting frustrated with me that I keep doing clumsy things like this - HE is frustrated? Get in line love.
I've earned this...

I don't really know what it scraped my arm on even which is really wierd...but I would like for this to be done now please. I cleaned up the scrape and managed to one-handedly treat it and tape some gauze over it so it's clean and can heal. I am glad to tell you that having a well stocked first aid kit is a good thing. The thing is - this is the 4th time I've fallen on the stairs in about a month. It is wierding me out. I'm tired of it. I know I'm tired and stressed and it's showing.
So yeah -apparently I now need to pay attention on the stairs like an old person. I, sadly, totally get how old people just fall now. It's like my brain just misses a step...I step into nothing and then land with a splat. It's like I need to pay attention to ALL THE THINGS that I do ALL THE TIME and it's so f*cking frustrating. I have enough to deal with memory wise without my body conspiring against me too. I am booking an appointment with my family doc - maybe this will be the impetus to my family doc to help him realize just how bad the chemo induced mental  fog is sometimes. I could do with some mental enhancement meds about now. I want my brain back. The queen is not f*cking amused.
And she has a potty mouth.
Suffice it to say I skipped my workout this AM arm f*cking hurts.

So yeah... my arm is sore...but at least today is a potluck at work so I'm looking forward to that. We have an international crew so the food should be spectacular. Then I have a supper meeting for the community radio association so it's gonna be a day to plump up and enjoy some pleasant people. Yaa take what you can get.

Later: I had the privilege of eating homemade curried potato perogies, samosas and pear brie torte. Oh. Yum. It's the little things. Burp.


solarity said...

I'm almost an official old person, and with my painful foot I've been very careful on stairs, fearing the pain will make me flinch and then, boom! But when I actually did fall down stairs this summer I was going carefully down and suddenly I was just tipping over sideways, so I landed on my shoulder at the bottom (I fell from about the fifth step from the bottom). I was carrying laundry, and the first I knew of it was when the laundry basket tipped to the side. Scary, with no warning. But when you're being careful, how do you get more careful? If you figure it out, let me know.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Ah sorry, I feel for you. I am actually really nervous going down stairs these days, I think mine is due to my ear problems. Not fun. Hope you heal quickly!

azusmom said...

I'm so sorry! I trip and fall all the time. A few years ago I slipped on our stairs and scraped up my lower back, right before I had to teach a Pilates class. Not at all the same, but you have my empathy.