Note to self: do not strangle the nice people

Sometimes my in-laws make me want to strangle them. Case in point:

I felt OK enough to go to my inlaws for supper on sunday evening for family supper. Had a decent meal and visit and came home. Today my MIL texted me to say that my niece who was there has whooping cough and was sick since wednesday altho she wan't coughing. And they never said anything. Nothing. They didn't think it was that contagious, since she wasn't coughing and had started medicine. BASED ON NOTHING. They just thought it was all fine...cuz whooping cough isn't contagious at all or anything. They were talking to a nurse today who told them otherwise and said they should let me know I was exposed.
So long story short -1 day home from the hospital I was exposed to whooping cough. I am not sure if I have had my shots for it...but think I'm gonna go in and get it if I need to. The thought of coughing right now terrifies me. I am feeling pretty good now that my drains came out yesterday (YAY!!) but of the cats jumped on my chest the other day and I was literally paralyzed with pain so I cannot imagine a coughing fit would be helpful right now. I am healing up well and have been paranoid about germs lately.
I will likely be's just another example of my family being their helpful best.

I was more pissed off since I saw Heather and little Xander today, but it turns out they've both been immunized so it is probably OK.

Clown shoes.


Yum Yucky said...

Yikes! Yes that would piss me off too. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that nonsense and hope its all behind you now. I remember the time I babysat 3 kids for the weekend. The mom called (while still chillin' on her weekend adventure in another state) on day 2 to tell me the were exposed to someone with lice before they got to my house. I go to check their hair and yep...all 3 of the kids have lice. ((insert expletives here))

Geosomin said...

ick...that sounds terrible. I get the creepy crawlies when I even think about lice...And then to get rid of the little much work.

Thankfully it's been a week and altho I have a bit of a sniffle I don't have any cough, so I think I've dodged that bullet. Whew.