Painting ceilings is silly

So. Tired.
But look - no more pink!!!

After work I ran a bunch of errands...found a little shift dress to sew fringe on for a costume and picked up some dark paint for the vanity and ceiling paint. Then I came home and made an oreo cheesecake to take in to work today before I got down to some reno work.

After I got home I had to scrape and patch the bathroom ceiling. Our roof used to leak so there were bubbled spots all over the ceiling that I'd been ignoring for a long time that had to be fixed. I got up at 3:30 and sanded and put on a coat of paint and went back to bed. I put on a second coat when I got up again at 6:30 to come to work. The bathroom ceiling is done. Dad has the floor in now and hopes to get the tub in today. I hate painting ceilings and wanted to get it done before the tub was in because it's just a lot simpler that way.

I got a ride to work and didn't workout but today should be a better day I think. I hope my Dad doesn't go crazy putting in the tub. I gotta run. Early meeting.
Later taters.

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