Drop it like a squat

Well day 3 of the 30 day shred is in the bag. I've been good and done it along with eating healthy and reasonably all week. So far so good. When I went on holidays I stopped working out and just didn't get back to it other than hikes and walks. To be fair I worked out a few times at the gym when I was in the states and got in 2 good mountain hikes which do count for something, but even J had noticed that I was really getting jiggly. Just walking to work isn't enough when I'm eating too much. I usually don't carry much around my middle and I am starting to get a bit of a muffin top so I decided I needed to get back to it all before things got out of hand. I have at least a month before my surgery (which I still have no date for grrrr...I hope it's not too close to christmas at this point) and am trying to get back in shape before then so I have some leeway and am very healthy for my recovery.

A friend leant me the Insanity workouts and I think I'm gonna start them on monday. They look intense but my kinda workout. I can modify as needed. I'm gonna give it a go and see what happens. I'll log my weekly opinion of the program as I do it. I've always wanted to try it and finally feel like I'm back at the point where I could do it and not die, so I figure it's a good thing for me to focus on until my surgery. I like the shred workouts but they're the same every day...which gets pretty tedious after a while.

I was finding not exercising was really doing a number on my moods...with the new hormone balance in my body exercise is really a happy booster for me so I need to remind myself to be more active when glum winter comes. I've been oversensitive lately and I need to do something to fix it...I'm hoping this will help. My husband always has trouble with the darkness of winter and I don't want to join him. I will be pretty immobile for about a month after surgery and it'll be stupid cold soon (boo winter) so I won't be able to walk everywhere like I do now...pity. I'll really miss my morning walks to work once winter comes. I plan to keep them up until it gets below about -10 C and then I'll see...if you have enough winter gear on it doesn't matter what the weather is, but getting to work all bundled up and sweaty trudging through snow drifts is not my favourite thing. We shall see.

Ah, I shouldn't be thinking about winter yet. It's still glorious fall. It's been so beautiful the last week. Oranges and reds with lots of geese and frost in the mornings. Now I get to see the sunrise on my walk to work and it's been beautiful.
But....I babble, so I must be off.
Have a great day peoples.

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