Where does the time go?

Hullo. I've been off doing things.
Sorry I haven't popped by much lately. It's been so warm and lovely and I just had a whole 10 days off work so I've been away and out in the world. We went on a road trip to northern Alberta and went to a music festival in the forest and met up with so many old friends that I haven't seen in forever. It was wonderful. Danced. Drank mojitos. Laughed. Smiled until my face hurt. The weather was great, and I even had a day or 2 at home after to just relax with J. It was wonderful. I have a slight tan even... the time off was so nice. AND only a few more weeks until I'm off for 3 whole weeks for a few family weddings and then a bit of a holiday to Ottawa to see my whole famdamily for a bit for my neice's wedding- it's been forever since we've all been together and I can't wait. We've found a huge acreage on airbnb that all 12 of us plus the kidlets can fit into for during the week we're visiting there...with a pool too! Plus J and I are staying a few extra days to explore the city and celebrate our anniversary. It'll be a wonderful time - so looking forward to it. I just need to get through the next 2 weeks and I'm free again for a while. Giggedy.
Summer is here. It's hot (almost too hot) and relaxing and I am loving it. On the downside the forest fires are raging in the north of the province - it hasn't been this bad in over a decade. They're bringing in the army and firefighters from all over to try and save the northern towns. The smoke is making it's way all the way down to us some days. We're hoping for a big prairie rain soon...we desperately need it. There's a fire ban right now. A friend of mine has been evacuated from her home because there are fires raging 1.5 Km from her town...rain dance for us people. We need it.
Since we've been back I've started up a batch of crabapple wine (finally) and watched J play with his lasers at a live performance with a friend. The friend played his music and J used his lights and lasers and some custom mount mirrors we'd built frames for together with friends to create a really amazing light show.
Yup. Lots going on. I'll try and post more when I can. I've been able to get back to workouts again as of this week so I've tried to do things and walk to work every morning to work to be good. So far so good.
Have a great day! :)

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solarity said...

"Off doing things" sounds nice.
Raindancing like mad, here. We've got plenty of rain, but it's so hard to share it efficiently.

Mary Anne in Kentucky