The weekend starts here

So this morning I finished off HiitMax 9 & 10 and now I'm here at work trying to get thru friday so I can head home. J works all night so I'm gonna head home and attack the yard (I love to play with the weedwhacker...and the yard needs some serious love at the moment to beat back the jungle). I hope to make some weird baked supper full of things J doesn't like and then relax and try and finish the Stand...altho I'll likely just nod off in the chair with the cats and wake up to J getting home, but that's OK. It's the weekend. Thank frog.

I'm looking forward to a few days off. Lots to do in the yard and we're having a big potluck welcome back party for a friend at our place on sunday so it should be a full weekend but not as overwhelming as last weekend. My sister arrives to visit my Dad tomorrow and I get to go see her next weekend on friday so I'm in the midst of planning for that as well so my bags are packed before surgery to head up to the lake for a few days. I hope to go see Heather and her little one at some point as well...altho that might have to wait until next week. We'll see.

Just needing some weekend. Definitely.Only 6 hours to go! :)

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