And so it begins

Yesterday I had my first training session where she assessed my range of motion and strength and put together a starter program for me. It was a good day. I am very proud to say that my diligence at doing my physio exercises paid off - I have full range of motion and while my right side is weaker than my left, it is not by much. More that my shoulder slips forward a bit. I also had an excellent surgeon - sometimes they have to sever a nerve under your shoulder when they remove your lymph nodes, but my nerve appears to be intact, which allows for me to have better control of my arm and back muscles. I have a starting point much further along than a lot of ladies who are rebuilding themselves. She said that my good health before surgery and my attempts to remain active likely played a huge role in my recovery.
The program I have now is to start to rebuild core strength in the areas I am weak, particularly to rehabilitate my shoulders and back from surgery. I am to walk or bike daily (at least 5d/wk) and do strength training every other day for the next two weeks. She watched me do the exercises and corrected my form. My strength training program is:
3X10 5Lb chest press with my shoulders/neck on the exercise ball and my body held flat
3X10 raised pull backs using my yellow bands
3X10 squats + one sided stand up leg raise
3X10 front shoulder raises against the wall with 5Lb weight
3X6 ball passes between my hands and toes (add 1 rep every 2 workouts, no touching the floor)

I feel comfortably stiff today. The ball passes were insanely hard. It's strange to see where my weaknesses are - now doing 6 ball passes is literally all I can do before a break. But I am rebuilding myself. I will be stronger again.

In other totally unrelated news, I am recertified to ship dangerous goods again. Want some brains or nasty chemicals? Hey, I can do that!


Yum Yucky said...

I predict you're gonna come back stronger than you've evah been in your life. I've heard the term "survivor" used by former cancer patients, but I think "badass" is a more fitting description. I'm so excited for your future, Geo. It's very very bright. Now ship me some Sasquatch brains.

solarity said...

I congratulate you on your starting point. I can't help thinking the trainer must be pleased to have a client who actually LIKES exercise, too. :) (It kind of reminds me of going to a nutritionist when I had tested allergic to more foods than I ever had before and was wondering how on earth to get enough nutrients, and having her tell me she'd never before had a client want to include vegetables with their breakfast. I like vegetables!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Crabby McSlacker said...

Booyah indeed! With your attitude you will be in kickass form in no time.

And if you've got any dangerous goods that will transform chores and errands and workouts into blissful dances with the universe, ship 'em over here, will ya? :)