Friends to the rescue

I really have awesome friends. (you guys are cool too)
A friend of mine has talked us down from wimblyville and we are back on track, at least for this weekend. We are heading up with them and are turning it into a road trip, and will split the gas and driving and will be camping with a group of friends. Yes we're sleeping in a tent and will have to not BRING ALL THE THINGS like we usually do, but it's turning into a fun thing again instead of a worry.
We are trying to join another camp for september as well, and I am crossing my fingers that perhaps that would work, and we could drive down with a few friends. That is a bigger unknown so we will see what happens with that later. It doesn't seem quite as hopeless tho... there's a month yet  so we will see what happens with that.
I should go get packing...


JavaChick said…
Have a fabulous time! :)
Yum Yucky said…
See that. I knew you would end up having fun. Told ya so.

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