Selfies for awareness??

Lately the no makeup selfie has been going around. Charlotte on the Great Fitness Experiment posted about it today. Friends and family have done a few on the old Facetube. Some say it's to make people feel beautiful in their own skin...but mostly to (somehow) raise awareness for breast cancer. Oddly, none of my friends have asked me to post one first I had a pity party about that feeling fugly and then Iranted a bit about why it would somehow raise awareness... but then I realised that they didn't want to force me to post a pic of my egghead if I didnt want to. Oddly, today I don't mind. I switch between pity party and feeling badass, so it depends on my mood. Today? I feel here goes. 

Want to be aware of breast cancer? Well, let this stand as a reminder that beauty is more than skin deep and breast cancer is real-please support breast cancer researchers (like me) and those fighting breast cancer (ahem). 

A post on the Gutsy Girl weblog today also made me grateful of all this bugeyed eggheadedness I'm currently sporting. It made me think about things from a different perspective-not just mope for uberfit old me but appreciate how it felt back then. To remember how lucky I was to do all those things and to not take them for granted when I get some or all of them back again someday. Right now I'd give my right boob to be as active as I was before chemo. And after I do (bwaha, my sides) I will do my damndest to do so again . 

You, right where you are, right now-you are beautiful and capable of amazing things. :)
Now be excellent to each other.
(And party on dudes)


Cindy said...

Just a suggestion. This will be your one opportunity to wear a big temporary tattoo on your head and it looks like you don't have one of those knobby noggins like some people. They sell really legit looking temps online now in any theme.

puja said...

i am deeply touched by your attitude and have been reading along silently... now i would like to tell you that you do raise awareness and that you are an Inspiration.
puja from germany

grapecat said...

You rock that egg! I can't wait till you're back up and running at full strength - not long now.
You have always been beautiful - inside and out - and nothing - NOTHING has changed there. Now you'll have to excuse me - i have some being excellent to catch up on :)
Love you x

solarity said...

Very badass, indeed!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Carla Birnberg said...



azusmom said...

You are ROCKIN' it!
AND a "Bill & Ted" quote!

Yum Yucky said...

A badass with very pretty eyes. It's a fantastic combo.