Girl in a bubble

Well, much to our frustration, J is SICK with a cold.
Sadly, to try and keep me well, we are staying away from each other. Boo to that. I have been constantly wiping down all common surfaces with lysol wipes and washing my hands like a nutter...cuz I really really should not catch his bad cold.  He is actually going to work sick, usually a no-no, just to be away from me and working alone as much as he can so I can decon the house and rest up my achey post chemo bones in relative peace for a few hours. It's frustrating to have to be so crazy in my own home which is usually my germ free haven, and despite all this I might STILL end up with me sick with my immune system being trashed, but I'm trying my best. This weekend is my immune system's lowest point and of course he is sickest we just have to do what we can, not only to keep me out of emerg, but to keep my last (WOOOOOO!) chemo on schedule at the end of march and the subsequent surgery after that on track too.
My immune system is pretty strong usually and I do bounce back after chemo. I have antibiotics to take for this week when my system is at it's lowest too. It helps but over time, with each chemo the antibiotics tend to cumulatively muck with my normal flora and I'll be glad o be rid of them. Then there's viruses...viruses are tricky things and since we both have the flu shot I have to assume that whatever he has I can catch too if I'm not here's to another 3-4 days of no touching my face, washing my hands incessantly, using isogel and being (sniff) at arms length from J and everything he touches until he stops sneezing.
I am reading a lot. Napping a lot. Making myself either pedal my bike or stretch despite how exhausted I am in the hope that it will keep my system up and running better. Yesterday 25 minutes on the bike seemed like eternity with my total lack of energy...but I will persevere for my health. I can always nap after.
Soon the plague will pass our home.

...The way we look to a distant constellation that's dying in the corner of the sky
These are the days of miracle and wonder and don't cry baby don't cry...


JavaChick said...

Aw! Good luck, I hope you manage to avoid the cold!

solarity said...

Cheering your immune system on!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Carla Birnberg said...

checking in on you you you!

Yum Yucky said...

Perseverance is a thang that you do very well. Carry on, my friend.