Monday monday dah daaaaaah dah daaaa daaaa dah

Today I am packing up the christmas decorations. Sniff. I will miss the twinkly lights, but I think I've dragged them out as long as I can :)

The meds they give me at chemo have finally run their course so I had a full night's sleep last night. I cannot tell you how utterly amazing it feels. I woke up happy and full of energy. I even did a little workout while I had some zip in me and still feel fabulous. I hopped on my bike for 25 minutes and then did 2 sets of 20 bicep curls, 20 tricep extensions, 20 bicycle crunches and 10 pushups with my exercise band. The pushups were so hard, even on my's amazing how your strength goes. I remember busting out 20 pushups on my toes before my first chemo just to prove I will be a long while before that happens :). It is nice to move though. It feels good....and if I can do this here and there I can keep from losing any more strength. That really is my concern...things I used to move without blinking are now so heavy I should not carry them - a bit disconcerting to say the least. Plus, exercise is supposed to fight off the chemo tiredeness so I do it whenever I can. Not often enough, but it'll do pig. It'll do. :)

The deep freeze that's been over the country has broken and I'm starting to feel more normal again (other than the tiredness) so over the weekend I got out for a walk to the library and out to see Catching Fire with J which was nice.  My mood and health are back to more of a neutral ground. It's nice. Today I have some medical benefit forms to fill out and some decorations to pack up. Tomorrow I plan to start sewing a baby gift for my nephew who's wife is due to pop any minute now so my Dad can bring it out to them when he flies out to visit them in a few weeks. Having things to do will keep the cabin fever at bay since I'm not supposed to go back to work until after chemo.

For now, it's time for a cup of decaf and hunting down my lunch.
I hope that you all are having a wonderful day and that your weekend was a relaxing one.
Later taters!


solarity said...

I'm looking at my Christmas tree as I read this. My birthday's at the end of January and I usually leave it up until then. :)
Losing strength is so annoying. I haven't had chemo, but when I sprained my knee it took nearly a year to get back to normal.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Carla said...

checking on you.