Apple hat

Ok...doing some christmasy things today to cheer myself up. Knitting Cute hat for my nephew's boy and drinking delish decaf watching the snow. It is a cold one out today and I am most glad to be indoors. I just don't feel like going back to work yet. I likely will friday...moreso to go out for holiday lunch with the girls than get back to work. After a bit of digging I have learned that my sick leave benefits are the same whether I work or I am not rushing back. I need to rest. Tonight I plan to hang a few more decorations in the house and then I get to have supper with my brother who I havent seen in over a month, so it should be a better day today. Less moping, I promise.
Must do what I can and hope for the best and what will be will be for now...will keep an eye on Gavin and keep catty things clean and see what comes for now. The thought of a cat diaper made me giggle uncontrollably...I mean No way would my cats endure that :). A collar is pushing it and an attempt at a top hat once resulted in much blood and hissing...the 1 second it was on was hilarious tho...!
Hope you have a good day. 

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