withdrawal is a b*tch

Caffeine is a harsh mistress.
Yes I actually have this mug.
Yes I'm aware of the irony.
I've been instructed by my doctor to cut back on caffeine to 1 cup of coffee a day from waaaaay too many. I also love tea and a diet coke with supper (I know I know bad bad) so combined, when I looked at it I take in waaaaaay too much caffeine. And to think in grad school I was waaaay worse too. Eep. To avoid (I hope) the worst of the rather unpleasant withdrawals I am using this next week to wean back to a cup a day (sniff) and have decaf at other times. I do love my coffee. This will be tough. This AM instead of my XL Tim Hortons I had a small...it's just a teeny baby cup.
But I will persevere...more herbal tea and club soda for me...I will try not to kill anyone in the process. My husband who doesn't drink caffeinated beverages is trying not to be too smug at the moment. I vow not to kill him either :P
This morning I was up and in for spin and sculpt with Mel and all the students are back...it was so weird to go from a class of 4 back up to a full class of 20 again. It was a tough class and I pushed myself...and now it's time to get to work. I have a full docket, but if I can get to it all I can relax for the weekend and spend some time at the farmers market, do some baking, bottle my cider and rack my beer one last time. And probably sleep a lot and mumble about how I need more caffeine...

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