monday again already

Well, I'm still kicking :) Groggy, but alive. Feeling better by the day, altho I still want to nap constantly. I bottled my cider and made some strawberry preserves yesterday and tried to fight the groggies. It was a tied battle :)
More annoyingly, my oven quit workinng last night so Im hoping that isn't too $$ to fix. The control panel on it won't respond so I can't use the oven...royal PITA. I used it a lot saturday to bake and the stove top is fine at least, but I have to say - I am less than impressed with the falling quality of appliances. I saved up and bought a high end gas Jennair convection oven and this is the second thing to go wrong with it in 3 years. I am hoping it's still under the extended warranty I bought...we shall see. No more baking until I can get it looked at...which is really annoying. I have to say - I'm not a fan of digital displays in general. Switches and knobs and fuses FTW - nothing to break that I can't fix.

This morning I came in to a full spin and sculpt class roster. It was Mel so we worked our asses off. All that hard work made the room very warm. It was so hot and muggy in the room that a girl almost fainted this morning...I personally was dripping sweat off my chin and had it in my eyes had to stop some of the exercises a few time because I was overheated...we mentioned it to the front desk in the hopes they will get another fan in there. I certainly gave it my all this morning and feel great.

Now it's time for breakfast and some (*sigh*) herbal tea and I'm off.
Hope you all have a great day. :)

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Yum Yucky said...

I truly believe appliances are designed to break after a certain period of time. We have a 10 year old oven that was acting up. The service guy said it's better to repair it then replace it, because new ovens will come with bigger problems. Sheesh.